Locally Grown

We are super excited after receiving our first Farm Fresh To You CSA box with all our tasty goodies. Nothing like locally grown, in season items to nourish your mind, body and soul. We ordered the regular mixed fruit and vegetable box which came with one artichoke, one mini seedless watermelon, red grapes, purple carrots and red dandelion greens. We are now planning our meals for the next week around these super fresh and wholesome fruits and veggies. The best part of the whole thing is the ability to customize your box for each delivery. For example, we are currently growing tomatoes, beets, celery, cucumbers and other in season vegetables at our home and love trying new items that we don’t already grow. The boxes come every two weeks but you can schedule them as often as you like. You can also skip deliveries if you need to and can do all this with no contract. We love supporting our local farmers and spreading the word about sustainable organic farming. It is also a great opportunity to vote with your dollar and support local vibes.

If you’re interested in a CSA box from Farm Fresh To You, head over to their website and place your first order. Make sure to enter our unique referral code TARI4966 in the “Apply A Promo Code” field during “Checkout” when signing up for a Farm Box service. It will give you $15 off your first box. Can’t beat that!

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Vino and Vinyasa

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our first retreat of next year at Cuatro Cuatros in beautiful Baja California. The decision to host our first event of 2018 in B.C. came pretty easy considering our love for Mexico. As many of you know, Mexico, specifically Baja California, has played a big part in our journey through life. We have spent over half of the past decade celebrating New Years Eve with friends and family in B.C. We hosted our first ever retreat in Tulum which empowered and motivated us to continue on the path of business ownership. We even got engaged on the top of an ancient Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. We love the raw energy of the culture and the kindness of the people and can never get enough.

As our first retreat of the year, we plan on making it an annual event in which we come together as a community to celebrate the connection between tribe, new and old. It is a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. As we plan the itinerary over the next few months, we are looking to provide our guests with an equal balance of relaxation and adventure. One thing we learned from past retreats is that people want options. The choice is yours. Whether it be sleeping in past your normal wake up time in one of the twelve luxury cabanas, installed with all the facilities you could ask for- Air conditioning, mini bar, fireplace, luxury queen or king sized beds, 100% natural bathing lotions and a beautiful terrace with prime views of our own vineyards or deciding to wake up early for a sunrise meditation overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean at the unique Bar V. Bura followed by light breakfast and a short horseback ride to a private beach for lunch.

These are just a few things we are working on right now to fill your fancy!

Check out more information and other retreat options at our website!

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Come Fly with Us

When you ask children, “If you had only one wish , what would you wish for?”, most children conjure up all sorts of different ideas, but usually end up saying, “I wish I could fly!” This is also true when asking teenagers, young adults and the elderly. The thought of flying high over a mountain ravine, wind blowing through your hair and being able to survey the land for miles and miles, sends the mind into a frenzy. The sense of freedom must be overwhelming at first, but with time, the body and mind would soon acclimate.

This is also true with any new experience that a human encounters. With new experiences, the mind begins to fire on all cylinders, your vision becomes focused and acute, your sense of smell and taste try to decipher any new odors and the hands begin to sweat. As you gain traction with your new experience your senses collect more and more data to interpret your reality. This data is collected over time and reapplied to the specific experience in the future. This reaction is not always true for everybody. In fact most people have an opposite effect.  As the new experience comes closer to reality, people typically begin to freeze. The five senses become defective and your brain shuts down. The mind loses horse power due to an overload of thinking and processing, your vision becomes sporadic and unfocused, new smells and palatable flavors are barely noticed and the feet and hands go numb. The process of collecting data for future use becomes faulty and your short term memory fails.

The good news is that with each new experience you have a choice on how to react. You can choose scenario one, cool, calm, and collected or scenario two, flustered, fearful and fatigued. It all starts with shifting your state of mind and breathing. These two variables are all you need to make a new experience much more enjoyable. Take several deep breaths and clear your mind of any F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real). By taking these two very simple steps, you will be able assimilate more information and at at a quicker rate.

How often do you find yourself in scenario two? What techniques do you have to offer given similar situations? Do you have a story that you want to share about a new experience?

Stay groovy!